Compose SMS: Customer can send sms from the platform

Draft: Option to save messages as draft

DND option: Customer can select the option to send messages to DND number or get a refund for DND numbers.

Duplicate Number removal: Remove duplicate phone numbers wile sending messages.

Dynamic Sender ID: User sets sender ID for their messages.

Phone Book Management: Customers can create, edit and send messages tomultiple phonebook groups.

Online payment option: Customer have option to buy SMS on the platform and pay with the card options.

Schedule Messages: Customers can schedule messages to be sent at a later date and time.

Cancel Schedule messages: customers can cancel scheduled messages at the click of a button.

Mutiple schedules messages: Schedule single message to be delivered multiple times.

Transaction history: Customers and Admin can view transaction history

Delivery Report: Provide delivery reports to customers

API: You have API to give to your resellers and other customer to integrate into the application.


Live chat option: You can easily integrate any livechat widget that you want

Ticket management system: Target has an inbuilt support system to manage customer emails eand enquiries


Google recpatch on all forms to reduce spam *Optional


Easy update of the portal when bug fixes or new features are released.


Generate and sell vouchers to customers.

CMS system

Create unlimited number of pages

Create Unlimited number of Menu

SMS Menus are created automatically.

Admin configuration

Free units on registration: Option to configure free units for new members.

Free daily units: Option to configure free units for customers everyday (You may even append an advert to the message).

API settings: Setup API and option to switch between multiple APIs

Multiple pricing models: You can set different prices for different customers

Multiple charging model: You can set different charges for different customers

Send email and SMS: Admin can send email and SMS to all customers (you can use this for newsletter).

Multiple Admin: You have add other staff as admin on the protal

Admin Wallet credit: Admin can credit customer wallet

Meesage and country code filtering: You can block messages that contain some keywords, sender id or even messages to some country codes.

Customer notification system: Create notification for customers to see when they login.

Automated Notification System:

  • Send messages to customers on their birthday.
  • Send notification to customers when the balance is below a particular amount.
  • Send messages to customer when they have not used the platform within a particular period.

Beautiful Template: Select between the different template options we provide.  

Report system: Easy to use reporting system that shows the amount of messages sent on the platform with a specified period.

Mass Sender

With Mass sender you can easily send email and SMS to all your customers or some segments of customers.

Platform support

Our support team is just a call or email away if you have any questions.

We understand that while running your business, you may require premium support.


Suppport Options





Email support




Phone support




Live chat